Hearst and Pulitzer

William Hearst
The two men believed to be responsible for the upbringings of "Yellow Journalism" were Pulitzer and Hearst.  In the 1890's Joseph Pulitzer, owner of the New York World waged a circulation war against William Hearst, owner of the New York Journal. Using strong headlines, over-the-top news events, overblown cartoons, and other means, they especially tried to attract working class readers and immigrants. The World increased its circulation with a comic supplement and in 1895 the first full-page original 'Yellow Kid' cartoon in color appeared, created by the cartoonist Richard Outcault.  However, the 'Yellow Kid' comic has nothing to do with the term "Yellow Journalism."  In 1898, Pulitzer bought a new high-speed color printing press and created graphically one of the most impressive papers of the time. In the circulation war, Pulitzer suffered a minor setback when Outcault moved to the New York Journal. In order to get even, Pulitzer hired George Lucks to create cartoons using Outcault's characters.  The Hearst-Pulitzer rivalry continued well into the 1900's.
I am a yellow journalist, and proud of it.  The great modern newspaper is the sole amusement for many a hard-working man, besides being at the same time to him what vaudeville is to higher classes.  It has is comic ports, its excitement and its pathos.  Not an act is missing.” -Hearst